Blue with Relief Map Mova Globe
Classic relief and topographical map showing landscapes of Earth’s land masses in blue and dark green.
MOVA Globe utilizes solar cell technology to rotate silently on its own
Measures 4.5 inches in diameter, fitting in the palm of your hand
Vivreal Office Illuminated World Globe
2 in 1 globe as an educational gift
An eye-catching decor in your room
Classy material & outsanding design
Replogle Globe with Antique Shading
Replogle Globe With Antique Shading And 2016 Country Lines
Antique Shading And High Quality Metal Base Adds Class To Any Room
Up To Date Political Lines Makes This A Great Educational Globe For Children and Adults

Best world globes

World globes are nothing more than three-dimensional replicas of the earth. That makes them more accurate than maps, which is only a 2D surface. The first time globes were used in schools was in the 1930s, but since then, they have proved to be both decorative and educational props. Whether you want to have something beautiful on your desk or spark your child’s curiosity for geography, the best world globe can help you. All you have to do is find the perfect one for you.

Types of world globes

There is more than one kind of globe, and if you do not know which one is right for you, keep on reading. Below you will find valuable information on how many types there are, and how to choose the best one for you.

Desktop world globes

A desktop globe can be positioned on any flat surface. You can choose from a vast variety of sizes, from 4 inches in diameter to 16 inches. It depends on the space you have. You can put it on a shelf, on your desk at home or at work, or even on a coffee table or stand inside your house. You can choose from a wide range of desktop world globes. That is due to their low bases. While you can find decorative models, you can also select an educational and interactive globe for your children.

Floor world globes

The only difference between floor models and desktop world globes is the base. While the desktop models have a low base, the floor models have a tall support that allows you to place them on the floor. The globe itself is still at your level. As for the base, you will find that it can be constructed from many types of materials. The metal one makes the entire product heavier, but it also looks fancier, so to speak. A floor world globe with a base made of wood is lighter, and with the right finish, it can have a very stylish aspect. As for diameter, floor globes tend to be larger. You can find globes with a diameter as big as 40 inches. One thing is for sure, though. They look exceptionally good in any living room or study.

Gemstone world globes

Gemstone globes can be found in both floor models and desktop models. They present an excellent craftsmanship, and they are made of actual semiprecious stones. The globe is a political replica of our planet, and the gemstones come from the countries they represent. As a result, there are no two world gemstone globes alike, and the texture is unique. Many people buy these as decorative items, and they look spectacular in a living room or an office. The stands are usually made of metal, which gives them a luxurious look.

Rotating globes

These models are brilliant. They are also known as MOVA globes, and they use light, natural or artificial, to turn slowly. There are no plugs or batteries involved. Rotating globes are like magic, but in fact, they are brilliant pieces of engineering. There are no floor models, but I cannot imagine someone placing such an artwork on the floor. While it is not designed to entertain children, it would look amazing on your desk or coffee table.

How to choose the best world globe

Lucky for you, there are numerous models on the market, and you have where to choose from. However, they are not all alike, and some of them may present some interesting features. Some people may agree that the more features an item has, the better, but the simple models will do the job just fine. It depends on why you need a world globe. With that being said, here are some features a globe may or may not have:

  • Illuminated vs. non-illuminated – while the simple, non-illuminated models will do just fine when it comes to educational purposes or offices, the illuminated world globes look more interesting. They usually have a light bulb inside the globe, and you can plug it in or use batteries, depending on the manufacturer. However, an illuminated world globe is a big hit with the children. Some people use it as a night light for their kids, and the light from the globe is warm and cozy. Sometimes, the color of the light follows the colors of the globe, which makes it look unique. Moreover, there are some models that once lit up they show different features. For example, you can find a physical world globe that once it is plugged in will turn black and show constellations. It looks splendid.
  • Political vs. physical – political world globes show the countries and the major cities, which comes in handy if you want to teach your children about the positions of states and capital cities. A physical world globe will only show the planet’s relief, which makes for a nice view. Shadows are added to show which mountains are higher, and so on. While the latter may present some important locations, city names are often left aside. The decision is entirely yours, and it depends on what you are going to use the globe for.
  • Bases – bases are usually made of metal or wood, and they are used to ground the globe. Some models have a sleek design, but simple and elegant, while other have ornaments. However, people seem to not like decorations very much when it comes to bases, which is why they go for a simple base design. However, when it comes to MOVA globes, the base is not as negotiable, unless you want a custom-made support. Usually, MOVA globes have glass bases and pillars. After all, since the globe needs to rotate, the pillars must be extra sleek.
  • Meridians – there are two kinds of meridians: the ones that go all around the globe, and half-meridians. There is no right choice when it comes to this, and you should choose the one you want it. However, a ‘gimbal mounted meridian’ will allow the globe to swivel, so that you can turn it upside down. If you wish to see Antarctica a little closer, you can.
  • Budget – globes come in a wide range of prices. It depends on the features the globe has. However, keep in mind that MOVA globes are usually pretty expensive, at least when you compare the prices with the ones of regular globes. Also, gemstone world globes can be pricey as well. Make sure that you establish a budget and go from there. Also, if you are buying a world globe for your children to play with, I think we can all agree that you must not spend very much.

What are the best world globes?

I believe that you have enough information for you to make a decision. However, if you still do not know which globe to purchase, below you will find three excellent suggestions that should be of use. They are different models from different price ranges, so there is one for everyone. Enjoy!

Blue with Relief Map Mova Globe

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This is the one I was telling you about when I described the rotating globe. It uses solar cell technology to rotate in silence, on its own, with the help of the light it takes from the space around it. It does not matter whether the light is natural or artificial. As long as there is a little bit of light around, the globe will rotate. There are no batteries involved, and there are no toxic fluids between the acrylic shells. It is just a beautiful piece of clever engineering.

As for the aspect, this world globe is a classic relief and topographical map that shows the Earth’s land masses. The arrows on it indicate the ocean currents and the changes in elevation. The diameter is 4.5 inches, which means that the globe will fit in your hand. After full assembly, the entire item measures 7 inches in height and is 4 pounds in weight.

The globe arrives with an easy to install three-pronged acrylic stand. The manual will instruct you on how to achieve a successful installation. I think this globe, while it is small, is a wonderful gift for all those who know to appreciate things like this. At first sight, it may just seem a simple world globe, but the fact that it moves using only solar energy makes it a fascinating item to talk about.

Vivreal Office Illuminated World Globe

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This is one of my favorite globes I found online. It is a big hit with both parents and children. Why? Because while there is light in the room, kids can explore the earth and learn about the countries all around the world. It is a political map after all. However, when the lights go out, the globe can be plugged in, and the LED light from inside will go on. The globe will turn black, but on its surface will appear our known constellations. It is a fantastic tool with which you can teach kids about both terrestrial space and astronomy.

Aside from being a cool teaching tool, this globe also looks good as a decorative piece. Once you turn it on, the warm light will fill the room, creating a cozy atmosphere. It is an elegant item for your bedroom or your living room. It can also work great as a night light for the kids.

The globe is made of high-quality materials. It has a half-meridian, and it is made of PVC. It is good for both the environment and the children. The details are precise, and the matte surface will not lead to eye fatigue. The package also includes a highly-detailed brochure about the earth and the 88 constellations.

Replogle Globe with Antique Shading

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The globe from Replogle is a beautiful piece that will improve the look of any room or office. It has a charming aspect, and the antique shading gives it a stylish look. That, together with the high-quality metal base adds style to any room you may want to put it in. However, you can use this globe for more than decorative purposes.

This globe has current political lines, which means it is a great teaching tool for both adults and children. But that does not mean they cannot learn about the relief as well. The raised topographical relief showcases mountain ranges. Moreover, the oceans are adorned with examples of ancient seafaring vessels.

Unlike the previous two globes, this one is pretty heavy. It weighs 15 pounds, which I think it is a bit much for a globe. However, I believe it is a part of its charm. As for the diameter, the Replogle world globe has 14 inches. It is not very expensive, but I am sure that if you buy it, you will really like how it looks in your home.

My recommendation

Looking at all those globes, it may seem difficult to make a decision. Not for me though. My personal favorite is the Blue with Relief Map Mova Globe. When I first learned of its existence, I was completely and utterly fascinated by its ability to rotate on its own. Sure, it may seem expensive, especially if you buy a larger one, but it looks amazing no matter where you want to put it. In my opinion, this is one of the best world globes anyone can buy.


I think that anyone should have a world globe in his or her home. It is useful, and it makes a beautiful and clever decorative piece. The Mova globe is an actual piece of art if you ask me. The point is that such an item is great for the kids, and if you like geeky stuff, a world globe is a must in your home. Click here to buy on Amazon

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